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his page is devoted to the game of GO or WeiQi.
Go is one of the oldest games in history of mankind. Therefore I will start with the history of GO.

There are many rumors about the origin of the game :

  • The Chinese emperor Shun (2255-2206 B.C.) invented the game to use it like an abacus
  • a vassal of emperor Jie Gui (1818-1767 B.C) invented the game to enlight the emperor
  • The game was invented by Yao (before Shun) to use it for astronomy (this is one of the more likely versions)

In the year 754 go was brought to Japan. It became very famous and during the century an official GO academy was founded.
The austrian professor Pfaundler brought the game to Europe in 1908. Emanuel Lasker a famous chess master attested Go more depth than chess.
Jan van der Steen presents much more on the game of go.



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